Bands & formations


Manou Gallo


A mix of soul, funk and blues with groove always being the connection. World music full of warmth, emotion and sensibility sung in a variety of languages (Dida, French and English).

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Habib Faye


Habib Faye, an internationally renowned musician, quickly revealed himself as being one of the best composers and musical arrangers of his time. After having teamed up with Youssou Ndour for many years, writing his most successful songs, he embarked upon a solo career.

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Johann Berby


Immersing himself in his Afro-European roots, Johann Berby’s music developed thanks to various transpositions: happily mixing Maloya and pop, warm grooves from world music (Brazil, India, Africa, Cuba, Europe, Creole), it is the fruit of a union between tradition and modernity.

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Sally Nyolo


The Cameroonian singer, Sally Soleinie Nyolo was formerly a member of Zap Mama.

Sally was a choral singer for several album productions and has recorded seven solo albums: Tribu, Multiculti, Béti, Zaïone, Mémoire du Monde, La Nuit à Fébé, Tiger Run.

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Régis Kole


Regis Kole is a true showman. Having the soul of an artist, he plays with passion and stage effect. Rich and fruitful scores, which are penetrating sounds, celebrate a dialogue of cultures with enthusiasm, alternating between English and Goun (the native language of Benin). His warm voice wonderfully combines the marriage of Soul, Funk, Blues and African polyphony.

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Les Blancs d'Afrique


The band "Les Blancs d'Afrique" arises from the meeting of 4 musicians in the varied musical experiences.It results from it an original music with ,as base , the rhythms of Central Africa (Bikutsi,Makossa,Assiko...) mixed by tones of western Africa ( High Life,Mandingue,Wassoulou..) and by Jazz.

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